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My fat old lady project.
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My Fat Old Lady... Suzuki Bandit 600cc 1998 project.... more
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The work progress !!
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Preparing the R1 for the summer
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Quick refresh today!! new front and rear sprockets! new chain Q3+ x 2 new brakes new clutch and more! (yes i have a front stand lmao )... more
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Built not bought
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Anything great is built and not bought and this bike is no exception. What’s makes it great is I know without a shadow of a doubt the torque on every bolt, it’s dialled in just for me. From aftermark... more
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Tttttttttttttt... more
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2222222222222222... more
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111111111111111... more
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1111111111... more
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This is the continuation of my last post
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This is what I came up for turn signal mount. The picture with the tires was me trying to figure if I wanted white walls or not. Its oil markers that we use at my auto shop I work at. This is when I d... more
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1980 cx500
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I have been working on my bike over the past two winters and I was done until the stator went out against year so I redid it this winter . I did so much to this bike. It's not perfect and I'm not a pr... more
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Pod filters done...
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Airbox was a pin in the arse to remove but once out it freed up a lot of space for my Denali Soundbomb, took her out for a quick black just to check everything was how it should be & I must say sh... more
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Let's Go!
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Please comment out for the best dress for my buddy!... more
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Tune up
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Looking for basic tune ups I should keep up with or potential upgrades... more
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How to build your very own nx650 streettracker, Part #2
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The fuel tank on both bikes came from an early (1980's?????) Honda CG125 Which will require a small amount of work underneath on the tap side in order for the tank to sit down enough to get it level w... more
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New gas tank
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Looks way better with a new gas tank on... more
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How to build your very own nx650 streettracker. - Donor bike.
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After receiving so many enquiries about the building of these bikes i have finally got round to going through step by step on the whole process. First of all expect to spend approx 250 hours plus on t... more
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Futurismoto Tail tidy
  • complain
Just put the new tail tidy on, goes well with the indicators. Few kms and stone chips now.... more
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The winter project
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added a nose cone, I think it finishes off the body work nicely. now, if the bloody weather would play ball I could get that front wheel done !!... more
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A true vmax lover. More to see on my facebook.com/vmax1700... more
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Almost ready to install all of the wirings... more
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Coming together
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Almost all the wiring to the m-unit is done... more
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The speedometer is looking dope... more
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Before rebuild
  • complain
This... more
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Befor the rebuild
  • complain
This is how it looked before i started taking it apart, it had all kinds of technology from the 80s, and the weight was about 400kg... more
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1st time i rebuild it
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1st time i rebuilded this bike, now im starting over again with a focus on 100% quality and clean looks... more
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