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My post... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 08
  • complain
I took the frame up to Rob Cloutier of Bullit Custom Cycles to get the frame professionally modded. The goal was to fab a rear seat hoop and an electronics tray to fit all my goodies under the seat. W... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 07
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Here I dismantled the frong hub from the speedo drive then get the parts ready to be degreased. After degreasing comes sanding, then the buffing process begins! After 3 stages of buffing a brilliant s... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 05
  • complain
In this episode I took the angle grinder to the frame to cut off some of the tabs and such that I knew I wouldn't need anymore. I will be modding the frame to fit a different seat so it needs to be cl... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 04
  • complain
Finally finished the teardown by this point. I took a lot of pictures for reference so I can remember how to put things back the way they came. I also needed a lot of photos of the rear end so I can g... more
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custom seat with crazy monkey
  • complain
šŸ’ didn't stay for a long time on Dnepr... more
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Yamaha RD400 Rebuild
  • complain
I bought it from a friend. It had been sitting for probably over twenty years. It looked like someone tried to make it a cruising bike with the fairing/windshield, highway bars, and luggage rack.... more
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my friend already sold this bike.
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this bike never was mine. but it looks so unusual for me. so I decided to share some pictures with this Russian Frankenstein... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - 03
  • complain
I had stripped a screw on one of the side covers and needed to drill into it. It's getting closer to being completely in pieces.... more
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Hello everyone! i continue to build my Honda CB350G - 02
  • complain
Teardown took several sessions in the garage! There are a lot of little pieces and things that need to come apart, but again it was cool to see how everything worked. On the evening will make anoth... more
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Progress so far.
  • complain
From the day I bought the bike till a month ago. She has a few new updates since but I'll put those pictures in another post.... more
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1973 Honda CB350G - motorcycle building project part 01
  • complain
This is the very beginning of my motorcycle building project! From when I first went to check out and purchase the 1973 CB350G from the PO (purchase owner) in September 2014. I snuggled it into the ga... more
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The Build
  • complain
Yoshimura s2 Cams JE Pistons Carrillo H-Beam Rods KWS CNC Pro Head KWS Custom Head Gasket Evil stretched swing arm Full Akrapovic Carbon Hex Exhaust 10 color led kit Rectifier relocated to outside n... more
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2007 GSX-R 750
  • complain
My bike is a 2007 GSXR 750. Bought this one at the beginning of the year and instantly fell in love with it. The handling is great, even though it is stretched, i was surprised at that. The power comp... more
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VTR250 Cafe Racer Build Update 1
  • complain
So I've just signed up to the sight and figure that I should update you all with what progress I've made... Purchased the bike stock and the first few things I did was replace the handlebars with dra... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 13
  • complain
Bars did end up coming yesterday. Got them and the riser "on" after work last night. Bike master "super bike" bend 7/8 and outlaw racing risers. In my opinion a really nice setup f... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 12
  • complain
Got my risers in. But bars didn't come in this week, damn it, but I can still get somethings ready for when they do. (Tomorrow hopefully) Top triple. Whack the ignition loop off. Will be moving that... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 11
  • complain
Waited to get the forks on 'till after work today. There is a 50 ton press in a shop next door where I work. Did not want to dremel the lower race off the stem yesterday when I could press the stem an... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 10
  • complain
Thought I'd post up this week's progress this morning. I'll be update later this weekend with what ever else I got. I tried all the rear calipers in my horde and nothing was going to jive. Consulted... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 9
  • complain
Got my two wheel spacers done. This one picture represents hours of standing in front of the lathe. Going to just have to trust me on that, lol.Good news is my axle hole is perfect after using some ne... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 8
  • complain
There is a reason why I take so many damn pictures. It helps me step away from "get it on and working." and let's me take some time to see if parts "look pleasing". Went to be bo... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 7
  • complain
Work, snow, and family obligations took up most of my weekend. But I was able to get a couple important steps done. In order to make the spacers mentioned above I needed to get the swingarm torqued... more
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2002 SV650 build -patr 6
  • complain
Rethought how I was going to trim that part for the lower dog bone mount. New plan in pic below, old in the last post. After ALOT of file and deremel work. Not wanting to remove any more material I ha... more
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