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2002 SV650 build -patr 9
Suzuki SV 650
Suzuki SV 650
18 Dec 2020

2002 SV650 build -patr 9

Got my two wheel spacers done. This one picture represents hours of standing in front of the lathe. Going to just have to trust me on that, lol.

Good news is my axle hole is perfect after using some new larger drill bits and a new boring bar.

They don't extend all the way through the wheel, just about 2" past the bearings. But with the oe center bearing spacer still in the wheel I'm not concerned about it.

And there you have it, K8 (or so I think) GSXR wheel in an Aprilia rsv/tuono swingarm. All centered up in an SV650.

With that out of the way turned my attention to chain run.

Not horrible, just about a full tooth width off.

Flip the rear sprocket over and re-mount with the small offset on the backside.

That brought me down to just about a half tooth width off. Should be straight forward enough to deal with that. I'll work out that kink next week though.

Some astute CF'ers might have already figured out why I used a GSXR rear wheel. And no it's not the 180 tire....
Thanks for looking and the high fives guys!

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