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2002 SV650 build -patr 12
Suzuki SV 650
Suzuki SV 650
17 Dec 2020

2002 SV650 build -patr 12

Got my risers in. But bars didn't come in this week, damn it, but I can still get somethings ready for when they do. (Tomorrow hopefully)
Top triple.

Whack the ignition loop off. Will be moving that off the bars. Steering lock wouldn't work in this location (locks bars straight) so not interested.

Clean out powder coating from voids, and fill with PC7. I like this stuff because you can get these large containers of it.

One more coat to go, I ran out actually but had just enough to almost fill. Got the other coat on today.

Take this tab off.

Finished up my chain run, that was nice because the swingarm swap should be good to go now.

Ordered a 520 conversion 15/45 (stock sv gearing) for the gsxr.

Only showing this pic because I'm in love with the rethal rear sprockets for some odd reason.. Just really like the look of them

Front sprocket has a larger offset side on the normal outside face.

But I flipped it over to take up some of the space I needed to make up. So small offset now on outside face.

Made up this spacer.

In and looking damn near perfect enough for me.

Ok, downside (I guess). I loose the ability to run the locking plate for the sprocket nut because the sprocket is at the very end of the shaft. Not the end of the world and frankly I'm not too concerned, with a locking nut at over 100 ft/lbs of torque if I use red loctite it's going to be fine...

Thanks for looking and for the high fives everyone..

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