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How to build Volkswagen Mini bike - step by step.
Volkswagen Volkspod
Volkswagen Volkspod
10 Dec 2020

How to build Volkswagen Mini bike - step by step.

Ever heard of a Volkspod? Inspired by the creator, Brent Walter, I will share with you a step-by-step guide on how I created my own Volkswagen electric mini-bike. Also shout-out to UltimateRebuilds for his great videos on how he made his own Volkspod!


Everything you will need:

1. Angle grinder

2. Metal grinding wheel

3. Metal cutting wheel

4. Welding machine (This is the one I used. Cheapest and easiest one to use for beginners)

5. 3/4 inch pipe

6. 1-inch pipe

7. Minibike frame

8. Bike seat

9. Sheet metal

10. Wheels

11. Axles (rear) (front)

12. Brake disc

13. Brake caliper

14. Brake caliper mount

15. Handlebars

16. Electric motor and speed controller

17. LiFePo4 Battery

18. Headlight (halogen) Headlight (LED)

19. Headlight trim

20. On-Off switch

21. VW Beetle fenders (you are gonna have to find these on your own. I got mine off eBay. You can also find them on FB marketplace and craigslist. You might have some luck at junkyards too.) Only get fenders between years 1950-1996

22. Torch and gas

23. Bench vise clamp

24. Chain

25. Motor sprocket

26. Chain tensioner

27. Wire

28. Steel flat bar

29. 75t sprocket

30. mounting bolts for sprocket and brake disc

31. Headlight mounting bracket

32. Steel rod

33. Dremmel

34. Drill

35. Black spray paint (I used Rustoleum)

36. Body filler

Step 1: Creating the Shell (cutting the Fenders)

Using some tape, mark off where you are going to cut. I cut right down the middle and left a little extra space to be safe. Keep in mind that for it to look best, they need to be perfectly symmetrical to the headlight.

Using your angle grinder, put on the cutting wheel, and cut along your tape line. Be careful to not damage the headlight cup.

To be continued, see you soon!

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  • 82ndpara 15 Jan 2021
    Thanks for info!
  • Danny 4D's 21 Jan 2021
    I want one 😫!
    • Mrded 21 Jan 2021 author
      Danny 4D's, I will post more!) you can build it too
      • jonah.mikesell 26 Jan 2021
        Mrded, Thanks for spreading my content! (I am the maker of this Volkspod)
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