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Honda CRF 150 - Roach
Honda CRF 150 - Roach
1 month ago

Basically I love it!

Fox Raceway 1/3/21
Met my friend Sara who just got a TTR125 at the mini mart and she followed me in. It’s been a year since I was there and the place is looking great. There are 2 kiddie tracks now as well as the vet and main so this was perfect for our noob status.
MX folks are most always super nice. I forgot how much I love the whole dirt vibe.
I got comfy with Roach again faster than I expected. Again, that Ride to Live course with the moto police really helped my riding overall. We had a great morning. We tired out around 1 and went to get lunch.
I’m stoked that she loved it and wants more.
We’re signed up for MotoVenture school this coming Sunday. We’ve got some other girls coming-5 of us so far.
I’m sore in all the right places and super excited for class Sunday.

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