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How to Make a Volkspod (continue)
Volkswagen Volkspod
Volkswagen Volkspod
04 Apr

How to Make a Volkspod (continue)

Cut this off using your angle grinder. Make sure to not damage the bearings. After it is cut off grind it so it is smooth.

Grind every place you made cuts at on the frame so that it is smooth.

Heat Up and Bend Pipes

Bend the front pipes in so they are approximately 100º The pipes should be connected at this point to make sure that they bend back the same distance.

Cut and Bend Out

Separate the two pipes and begin heating them up in the upper-middle section. Stick in a screwdriver to get more torque. After they are bent grind them so that the pipe with the bearing in it can fit snugly. Then clamp it together overnight.

Also bend down the pipes that go overhead a little bit

Picture Check

At this point in the process your frame should look similar to this:

If I were to make this again I would bend my pipes in a little further. You want to push the wheel in as far as it can go. The frame needs to be as short as possible.

Shorten the front fork to approximately 10 1/4 inches.

Press the forks so that you can replace the part you cut off. If your press is powerful enough you don't need to heat up the pipe. In the video I didn't get it 100% flat, make sure you get it as flat as you can. It should look like the picture.

Grind the edges of the flat part so that they are rounded and smooth.

Drill holes so that the axle will slide in nicely. If your drill isn't penetrating the metal I found a spray of WD-40 made it a lot easier.

Weld back on the pipe with the bearing in it. Angle it slightly forward. So that it is almost vertical.

Cut off the back braces and cut off a few inches. You want to pull the back wheel in as far as you can. Make sure to only cut the pipe off, try to leave on the supports.

After you have shortened the back braces make sure that the wheel fits and doesn't touch any part of the frame. It should be close though. If the wheel fits well, weld on the back braces.

Tack weld the braces on with the wheel on so that you know they are straight. Put something over the wheel so no sparks pop or damage the tire.

Make sure all of your welds are strong with a little test ride. If anything breaks, now is better than later.

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