That’s why you’d better keep the distance from the truck
That’s why you’d better keep the distance from the truck
09 May 2017 Accidents
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Riding near trucks is quite dangerous. As a rule, trucks take up a lot of space on the road, weigh more than 20 tons and have four times more wheels than you, thereby increasing the chances, that something will go wrong with one of them, as in this video.


Yes, I’m talking about a tire explosion. Such an event from the category of “the failure” can happen at any time and without warning, as you’ll see it below. It’s one of the reasons, why you should keep the distance from these road mastodons. The video shows how the motorcyclist was riding on the highway behind a truck, that was driving slowly in the middle lane. Another truck started overtaking and reached both of them, the biker, in its turn, set a turning signal and rushed after the truck. In two seconds one of truck tires exploded, and a huge fragment of tread flew out from under the rear skirt of the truck. Fortunately, the rider reacted quickly enough to avoid trash and safely continued on his way. But now he had a new topic to discuss with his friends while having a drink of beer in the bar.

The whole scene is at least scary. It reminds me the episode of "Destroyers of Legends" when they showed how much force the truck tire is when it explodes. Basically, if you stay near the tire and, in the explosion, a large fragment rushes in your direction, your head may suffer. Thus, every time, when you notice a truck in front of you, you should keep a reasonable distance and not only because of tire explosion. A truck driver may simply not see you if you are too close to him.

Besides, a poorly attached wagon can be unhooked on pits and potholes, which can endanger the health and, perhaps, even the life of the rider behind. You are not completely safe, even if the truck is approaching towards on a two-lane road. The attachment of a trailer or any load can be weakened and thrown in either direction. So you should move on the far side of the road until everyone rolls out.

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