Everyone is done with scooter gangs: motorcyclists join against them
Everyone is done with scooter gangs: motorcyclists join against them
22 May 2017 Others
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British riders have decided to repel the thieves, which recently had completely acted out.


In London numerous scooter gangs are storming, including stealing equipment and robbing passers-by. According to Visordown, a total of 11,000 incidents involving criminal individuals on two wheels took place in London last year. Hijackers post photos with stolen bikes in the Instagram. The former Top Gear presenter James May made an aggressive and resonance statement itself, encouraging people simply to kill them. And here is a new part of this story.

On the notice board of Ace Cafe, a popular biker pub, an announcement with an appeal to unite in order to catch gangsters and contact information was left. Also flyers were distributed to visitors. Due to the size of this epidemic and police inactivity, the desire of the riders to take the law into their own hands is not surprising.

We have only to wait for the consequences, because the initiative can easily go into "fighting" with the victims. Meanwhile the guards were agitated by the beginning of the campaign to counteract the offences and warned future activists of the risk. We’ll keep an eye on further acts.

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