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Kawasaki GPZ1000RX H2 digital concept edition by Kardesign

  • Jul 10 2017 15:46 PM GTM
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21 years ago the Kawasaki GPZ1000RX took over from the King GPz900R. It was always going to be a tough act to follow as the GPz900R lasted 19 years with only a few changes to the design.


The GPZ RX should have had it all; it was more powerful, it had a higher top speed but it also weighed a lot more. It had a production run of just two years before it was replaced by the ZX-10. If Kawasaki ever made a new version of the GPZ1000RX, it might just look like this…

The heart of any new GPZ should be the supercharged 1000cc H2 engine. It makes over 190bhp and 90 ft-lb of torque on the dyno thanks to a supercharger that spins at 100,000rpm. It is the perfect choice for a 21st century GPZ.

The trellis frame remains mostly the same as it helps with engine cooling but we would strengthen the subframe so we could carry passengers. A full fairing helps with aerodynamics and makes 200mph easy to reach. New LED headlights help to cut through the night at speed but the question is, can you hold on tight enough?

Words and images: Facebook Kardesign | Kardesign