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All-electric bike Zero DSR Black Forest Edition
All-electric bike Zero DSR Black Forest Edition
27 Mar 2018 Reviews and Test ride
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Zero Motorcycles has unveiled an all-electric ‘bike with the touring rider in mind – the DSR Black Forest Edition.
4543965aba34f282338.jpgCapable of delivering 163 miles of range when travelling at city speeds or 78 miles at motorway speeds on a single charge, the Black Forest Edition is ideal for those who want to travel a little further without resorting to petrol power.
Further still, the ‘bike’s battery can be replenished with up to 94 miles of range for each hour it’s plugged in, meaning that even short bursts of charging can add a considerable amount of travelling distance.

Umberto Uccelli, Zero Motorcycles’ European managing director, said: “The Zero Motorcycles DSR ZF14.4 Black Forest Edition is the first model we’ve ever developed to meet the specific demands of Europe’s adventure and touring riders. Our customers have been asking for a model like this for years. Riding a Zero is the most connected way to move through nature. The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest extends this to new, longer, and more fun adventures.”
9519575aba34fb8f2d4.jpgThanks to a direct drive powertrain, the Black Forest Edition can deliver all 146Nm of torque in one hit – though riders are able to edit the amount of performance provided via a smartphone app, allowing newer or more experienced riders to tailor the way the ‘bike performs to suit their needs.

1456125aba350cc2a42.jpgTo better equip it for touring, the motorcycle comes with black aluminium top and side panniers, as well as LED auxiliary lights for better visibility when travelling off-road. A touring seat should make the whole affair more comfortable, too.

The DSR Black Forest Edition will be a limited edition, and should arrive at selected dealers in April.

Text courtesy of: eveningexpress.co.uk

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