The Most Dangerous States For Riding Motorcycles
The Most Dangerous States For Riding Motorcycles
24 May 2019 Others

There’s a reason an entire industry revolves around gear designed to keep motorcycle riders protected head to toe: Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Life on two wheels is a beautiful, unique experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt.


To put it into perspective, QuoteWizard compared data based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration motorcycle fatality figures in each state and motorcycle registration data from the Federal Highway Administration, then ranked each state based on the findings.

After looking at all the stats, one pattern seems to emerge: warmer states like Mississippi and Texas sit at at the dangerous end of the list, while northern locales like Alaska and Montana occupy the other. Which makes sense; states where year-round riding weather is the norm means riders will likely be on the road more often — and with more time in the saddle, the chances to get into an accident rise.

The full list of all 50 states is below. Where does your state rank?



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