Motorcyclist survived after falling from Colorado cliff
Motorcyclist survived after falling from Colorado cliff
19 Sep 2019 Accidents
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A Texas motorcyclist survived after falling from a cliff into water during a Colorado trip on September 4, 2019.

6962565d83870061e11.jpgPhoto from Youtube @Rick Hogge

Rick Hogge was visiting Colorado from Texas with his friends who go on motorcycle trips every year. Earlier they were riding their bikes down rocky and narrow trailson Schofield Pass near Crested Butte.

As Rick admitted in a FaceTime interview, the route was pretty technical.

Video camera was mounted on Hogge’s helmet, when he hit a bump in the rocky path and lost the balance. The camera captured him flying off a cliff into a cold water.

Hogge guesses that he fell 60 to 70 feet, but he’s not sure. Amazingly, he suffered the fall, practically with no injuries.He told that had the smallest scratch and smallest bruise right here that went away the next day.

Because of wet, heavy clothes, boots and a helmet, he made his way to a ledge where he waited for help. His friends found Rick minutes later.

He also said it was really important for him to get the motorcycle out of the water. Eventually, his bike was pulled from the water, too.Hogge doesn’t know if it can be rescued.

Rick Hogge is a lucky man, who managed to survive and return home to his three children.

“So, so many things just went absolutely perfect to allow me to survive that and I really feel like the grace of God is why I am here now," he said.

By the way, the trail is described as the most deadly pass in Colorado and for good reason. There have been several fatal accidents on this road, so you need to be prepared to pass it”, according to DangerousRoads.com.

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