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Hello everyone! Someone asked how long should a motorcycle battery last?
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Main Factors That Kill Your Motorcycle Battery Life A good motorcycle owner always sees to it that his battery is still in good condition and well-maintained. You have to keep your battery on the p... more
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Bobber Scrambler - Honda TMX 125 - La X Sposa “The Ex-wife”
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Today I am proud to feature one of the premium build that you would only see in Motorshow events made by one of the best builders and custom shop in the country - Iron Macchina.To save myself the trou... more
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Brutus V2 Rocket
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The V2 Rocket is a redesign of the original Brutus 2, keeping the signature style cues from the original bike but updating it to a full sport bike design and package. More of a track/race bike than re... more
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Robert Terando and his 2009 Ducati 848
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Robert Terando owned a 2009 Ducati 848 that even it is a great bike, it wouldn’t handle the way that he liked. So he decided to change everything on this bike. Instead of adjusting tire pressures or t... more
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Photo from exhibition
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Hi friends. In this post I want to share with you what I saw at the annual exhibition of custom bikes, which takes place in Bad Salzuflen . As stated in the flyer, the exhibition is the largest in the... more
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