How much does MotoGP racing cost?
How much does MotoGP racing cost?
09 Apr 2022 Interesting
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It’s the pinnacle of racing with the best riders, racing the most advanced machinery at the very best tracks on this planet. But as you can imagine, it doesn’t come cheap – in fact, MotoGP is a very, very costly sport.

MotoGP 2018 Round Nine Sachsenring Germany

And that’s the case for the premier class even if you’re if you just fancy running a satellite team, as a bike alone can cost up to a million euros to lease for a season, and you’ll need two of them for each rider before you even turn a wheel.

That first million is just for rental of the bike, with no spares, servicing costs or anything else factored in, and after the season has finished, you don’t even get to keep the bikes either. It goes straight back to the manufacturer, with no option to buy. Factory bikes with their extra parts and development will cost a lot more than that.

The reason that the costs for these bikes is so high is because of the sheer cost of building one. The electronics, for example, sit near enough the six-figure mark on their own, when you add up all the wiring, software and intricate tech that makes it up.

The chassis and engine are also incredibly expensive and need regular servicing, but smaller components like the brakes aren’t cheap either, even with the FIM’s €70,000 price cap on the front brake kit. And then you need loads of spares, such as the fully carbon fairings, at least six sets of wheels to cover all the different tyre options, which adds up when you work out that each rim will set you back about €4000.

For Michelin to then cover each rim in rubber, you’ll have to spend over 1.2 million € at each round, which certainly ,adds up over 21 rounds, alongside testing too.

You then have to factor in the travelling and staffing element, which will probably end up bordering on near enough three million euros. This is to cover a whole host of travel expenses, for about 30 staff that covers everything from riders to hospitality staff, and of course to get your hospitality and everything over too. Oh, and you’ll have to pay for a nice unit, to look after sponsors, guests, and your crew at each round. And that’s before you’ve paid your star riders a salary….

So, all in all it isn’t cheap. Maybe we’ll just stick to watching it on BT Sport…

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