What Your Motorcycle Says About Your Personality
What Your Motorcycle Says About Your Personality
04 Mar Interesting
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What is so great about the world of motorcycling is that there are so many different kinds of bikes to choose from, each catering to various riding styles and needs. Some value speed. Some value comfort. Some value getting dirty while ripping it up through the trails.


Just like people, motorcycles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different riding purposes. They can also serve as a type of reflection for the person riding it. So what does your choice in bike suggest about you? Are you relaxed and carefree? Would you describe yourself as more adventurous, maybe a thrill seeker? Or would you consider yourself a mix of everything? Let's take a closer look at the different kinds of motorcycles on the market and what they say about their riders.

Scooter Riders Just Want To Have Fun


If your bike of choice is a scooter, chances are you are laid-back, and you think that life is too short to be taken seriously. What is great about small scooters is that most of them do not require you to have a class M license in order to legally operate them. Usually for short, local rides, scooters are usually for casual rides around the neighborhood, or perhaps you're on vacation, and you want to cruise around town.

A scooter rider may not necessarily see themselves as a motorcyclist. This may be the extent of it, and that's okay. Some motorcyclists see it as an essential part of their lives. But for a scooter rider, they don't see it as something central to their identity. It's just a really fun toy you can take through town to the local coffee shop, or coast along the boardwalk by the beach. You don't need to impress anyone. You just want to be able to enjoy yourself on a late summer afternoon, and you don't require anything else.

Sport Bike Riders Are Overflowing With Confidence


Sport bike riders have a need for speed. They love that their motorcycle is lightweight and powerful, allowing them to roll the throttle to the red line as the world rapidly passes them by. A sport bike is like an action movie in itself, and fans of these bikes are just oozing with confidence. They live, eat, and breathe adrenaline. For some, going 120 mph isn't enough. They are self-assured in their abilities to do burnouts, wheelies, and even stoppies. Sport bike riders love standing out from the crowd, and their motorcycles are loud both audibly and visually. It is also fairly common for them to be big fans of energy drinks and their first name is usually "Kyle."

Naked Bike Riders Live For Speed And Style


If you ride a standard/naked bike, you might find yourself sharing the same kind of confidence as sport bike riders. But where you differ is that you believe in having high standards for nearly everything. Naked motorcycles put strong emphasis on both high performance and style, and its riders feel the same way about themselves as well. They believe in "you get what you pay for" and they will only settle for the best. Typically ridden in urban areas, naked bike owners would make their motorcycle their main mode of transportation if their environment allows for it. Because nothing says "I know what I'm doing" more than walking into a business meeting after weaving in and out of traffic with ease 30 minutes ago.

Adventure Bike Riders Take The Path Less Traveled


For adventure bike riders, the pavement is too mainstream. Everyone takes the same roads, so you feel kind of hindered in your freedom to ride where you want. For adventure bike riders, they strive for absolute freedom because to them, everything is a road. Pavement, dirt, sand, mud. It's all the same to them. Some may disagree, and that's okay. Adventure bike riders love being the black sheep of the family, and nothing would frustrate them more than the idea of being like everybody else. Not everyone that rides a motorcycle rides an adventure bike, and it feels great to have all of nature to yourself. They don't have to deal with cars, trucks, and other riders. It's just them and a few others that take pride in their individualism, and that is all they need.

Cruiser Riders Love R&R


Cruiser motorcycles are typically ridden by the hard-working men and women that deserve a weekend's worth of riding. Life is already chaotic enough, with work, commuting, bills, kids, and so on. Cruisers help reward their riders with a few moments of peace and relaxation, allowing them to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Because there are so many different cruisers available in various styles and finishes, these riders are granted the opportunity to choose something that is uniquely theirs. Often seen as your regular 9-to-5 white/blue collar working class Joe, cruiser riders take what limited time they have during the week and break away from the herd to embark on a short-range, or even long-range adventure on the road.

Touring Bike Riders Are Tough, Patient, And Carefree


People that ride touring motorcycles are in it for the long-run. Whether they are taking their motorcycle on a cross-country road trip, or just down the road for some ice cream, touring riders believe in commitment, and will stay the course until they've reached their destination. Anyone that rides a touring motorcycle has expert levels of patience and resilience. There isn't much that bothers them because they live in the moment of those long rides. They find even greater enjoyment when they are able to do it with multiple riders, and even a passenger. They don't require much for them to live a full life, but a few creature comforts here and there aren't a bad thing either!

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