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So since I'm currently working on my ZX10 ("KK"), PPL tend to forget about my baby "ROSI3" (ZX636) AKA 6KING6...!!! So I'm just gunna post a few pics from beginning to end...!!! Sh... more
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My squad };)>
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303 riders always doin hooligan shit...but no matter what happens, we family regardless... We lost 2 riders this summer, so Ride in Paradise Grayson and Scotty...miss you guys... #bikefam... more
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Some of the greatest photos of my baby
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All the pictures captured by CycleSarp with his iPhone :)... more
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6 months 7k miles later...
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So in my last post a lady hit n knocked my bike over in a parking lot... after all was said n done i had to pay outta pocket for some of the repairs or else they would have totaled bike (because of ye... more
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Missin my Triumph today...
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Captured my last wheelie on my Triumph...about 8 mins later, i highsided and smashed a fence...lookin like a winter project to get "Miss Cherry Forever" back on 2, or preferably......1 };)&g... more
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Drag racing!
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Managed to not careen into a wall. Times were not great, but it was fun. I'll be doing it again.... more
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I have almost finished her };)>
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I damn near have completed my cbr600rr...waiting on a few parts but damn, shr is lookin good...... more
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She fall in love
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She just fall in love with my bike. Lol... more
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Great show bike
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2007 Suzuki Hayabusa Candy Sonoma Red and Shadow Black Metallic Color 2,100 Miles, Oil Changed, Well Maintained and never seen the Rain; Garage Kept and the paint shines like it came off the show roo... more
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New hel brake lines
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PROBLEMA no Cabo de Embreagem
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Verifiquem o Cabo de Embreagem. Ele encosta no Radiador, aquece e acaba estragando o Cabo.... more
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Quick Shifter EASY da HealTech
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Instalação do QS da HealTech... more
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Piscas SCUD
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Troca dos piscas originais por PISCAS SCUD... more
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Escape Firetong Willy Made
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Troca de escapamento... more
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Amortecedor de Direção MAXRACING
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Amortecedor de Direção MAXRACING Recomendo. Uso há mais de um ano e ajuda muito.... more
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Arkansas ride
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Made a questionable decision to go on an extended trip as my first ride out of town on the chicken since buying. Swapped handlebars with my trusty VFR750 sidekick and it made a HUGE difference. ~1100-... more
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Painting time
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After a few weeks I finally went back to work on this girl, I was busy working so I took a few hours off this week to paint the bike, I'm in doubt if I paint Black satin or black matte. Anybody want t... more
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10 Years old today
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Today my Connie turned 10 years old. It has been an astounding bike and nothing but reliable. It eats miles for breakfast and can run with the fast guys too.... more
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Leo Vince exhaust
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Custom made by MHP Exhausts, Clacton, Essex... more
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