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Blog by Reaver
Stay Tuned..
01 Dec

Stay Tuned..

As I am finishing an MSF course to prepare legal riding, after 6 months of not being endorsed (highly do not recommend this action).
I am preparing a GoPro setup to begin vlogging my journey to becoming an experienced, and seasoned rider.
The goal is to interact with all my viewers in taking tips, and advice. While also relaying this information in my videos to other riders, who may not know some of the information.
Creating content solely for the viewers.
Learn alongside with me!

Also, I will be vlogging each bike I purchase individually. So you can follow the life of my bikes!
From customizations, to maintenance, or repairs. I will be recording it all, even providing tutorials, time lapses, or progress updates.

Feel free to critique, criticize, give your two cents, socialize, share advice, tips, pointers, etc, in all my posts.

That is not all!
Road trips will be recorded, events, compilations, video collaborations, and by the one year mark I will begin group riding too!

Oh, I forgot to mention.
I am a daily rider. All seasons.
Loads of content to come.

My ultimate goal is to bring together a worldwide network of riders.
We have vloggers everywhere.
They have followers. They have a community.
I want to make it OUR community. Everyones. Not just theirs.

Plans to do give-aways, raffles, fundraisers, and much, much more. Already working on licensing a non-profit 😊

So stay tuned for January, 2020!
Join me in my journey, help me, help others. Maybe pick up a few tricks yourself along the way. I look forward to sharing my experiences, passion, entertaining, helping, learning, and growing a community unlike any other for the world of riders.

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