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Jillian Hopkins
1w ago
Anyone ever travel abroad for a motorcycle trip?

What’s your experience/suggestions?

Did you try and meet a group, pay for a tour, or go solo?

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  • Dan Wanne Feb 05 20:00 GTM
    Unfortunately, so far only local trips ... my dream is to go to Europe this summer
  • Jillian Hopkins Feb 05 20:42 GTM
    I’m considering Chile or Morocco
    • Stuntcraft Feb 05 20:56 GTM Replied to Jillian Hopkins
      I don't even know what's safer))... but wait, open the Moto blogs section and choose the travel category... I read a blog about Chile, someone created a pretty interesting blog
      Yamaha YBR-125 and his motoblog, 15 posts about adventure in Chile
  • Jean Claude Feb 09 13:49 GTM
    Unfortunately, I'm only in Australia. I'm blogging here you can view my journey, but I'm almost done my trip
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