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What's your best motorcycle riding hack ⁉️
15 Jun 2020

What's your best motorcycle riding hack ⁉️

1. Loosen your grip on the bars. You need enough to steer the bike, not choke the chicken. It’s going to lessen the possibility of the dreaded “tank slapper.” If you can’t flap your arms, you’re holding on too tight. Practice this in the straights. It will let you know exactly how much pressure you need to apply. Learn that feel. Intimately. Road imperfections and bumps won’t be nearly as jarring once you do.

2. Non-latex gloves. Throw a couple pairs in your pocket. You’ll barely notice them, but if it gets cold(er) during your ride, they’ll give at least 10–15 degrees of warmth to make it to where you’re going without numb fingers. (It’s also a much better solution that putting your hands on your exhaust pipe. Yes, that will work in a pinch, but it also shortens the lifespan of your gloves and good ones aren’t cheap.)

3. If you’re going to pass a semi/bus/large vehicle, wave a hand into the lane you plan to switch over into…it’s not much, but they’ll appreciate it and give you the requisite space to get your boogie on.

This helps in two ways—one, it helps to let them know where you intend to go, and it also lets you know that if you are unable to do so—don’t. They can’t stop half as fast as you can. If you don’t have time to perform this simple maneuver, don’t change lanes. You’ve been warned.

4.Carry a small repair kit. Don’t bring the entire garage, but just enough to tweak what you need to if trouble strikes.

5. Rain gear. Carry it, and at a minimum, rain pants. Rain sucks. Riding wet and cold is particularly miserable. If you’re wearing gear it’s at least water resistant. Leather works unless it’s a straight downpour. Again, I’m talking a few ounces of extra weight here and not much bulk.

6. Murdered out (all black) looks cool, but try make sure that you’re visible at all times. Whether you do that with colors that pop, reflective piping, strips, whatever. Make sure people see you. I guarantee they’re not paying attention either way, so the best bet for you is to make sure they do.

7. if filtering (moving to the front of traffic at a stop) is an available option, do it. It’s just a little more protection against someone slamming into the back of your bike.

8. Use your rear brake in slow-moving traffic. Yeah, I know they told you to do that in your MSF class (you did take it, right???) but it works wonders in stop-and-go/city traffic. Learn how to feather that rear brake and you’ll be glad you did. It even works on bikes that don’t have rider aids.

9. If you’re tired. Stop. Just stop. Grab a cup of coffee. Warm up (or cool off), relax, whatever you need to do. Drivers can afford (not really) a second or two of inattention, you cannot. Make it safely.

10. If you’re going to ride around with your visor up, know that insects will fly into your helmet. It’s definitely a thing. Be prepared

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  • Karl Janzik 19 Jun 2020
    #1 is the one thing that improved my riding. Hands down the best bit of advice you can give. really put it into practice at California Super Bike School. made the biggest fasted change to my riding
    • WBMRacer 20 Jun 2020 author
      Karl Janzik, Hey Karl! I saw you own many motorcycles, which one do you prefer for long rides ?
      • Karl Janzik 20 Jun 2020
        WBMRacer, the triumph speed tripple, can ride that all day without issue. Surprisingly the Honda which is built for touring causes shoulder pain after a 400k ride, I'm selling the Honda soon I think
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