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Leading Rides
05 Aug 2020

Leading Rides

I need to vent a little:
I started riding only a few years ago. In the beginning I rode alone and I struggled. So I made the decision to ride the same route every Saturday morning until I got comfortable and I posted the information on Facebook in case anyone might wait to join me.
The first Saturday a couple of people joined me and it was fun. By the 4th or 5th week I would have anywhere between 12 and 25 bikes show up. It was awesome.
In the years since then it’s become normal for me to post rides most weekends. Unless I have a specific request from someone I choose what I’d like to do and post accordingly. I have no problem going alone if there’s no interest. Usually I have at least 2 or 3 show up.
I love doing it don’t get me wrong but I am human and I need to get these complaints off my chest:
People that: never plan a ride but want to tell me how to plan mine.
Show up and then complain the ride is too ________(fast, slow, long,short,etc)
Ask questions that are answered(sometimes more than once)in the event posting.
Want to make changes less than 72 hours before the ride is scheduled to start.
Show up late.
Confirm as coming but never show.

Thanks for giving me an outlet for my frustration. I feel better already.

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  • Lena 05 Aug 2020
    in hope that you will enjoy your rides and people who bother you won't go with you and won't make you feel bad. :)
  • Steve E 05 Aug 2020
    I have led a number of big rides including charity rides with over 1000 bikes and I have one simple rule that is always made clear... participation is not compulsory and anyone who has a problem with the ride (fast, slow, long, short, etc) is free to peel off and leave at any time.
    On smaller rides I prefer to be at the back as I prefer to see where I am going rather than spend my time looking in my mirrors worrying about everyone else.
  • Russell Taylor 05 Aug 2020
    Ride with people you trust. Get to know their riding styles, let them organise a ride in turn, let more than one rider lead on each ride. They will soon appreciate the effort and you will mould a better team.
    • Boobs 05 Aug 2020 author
      Russell Taylor, I do have a core that I ride with as well. We collaborate equally on rides as well as taking turns with different responsibilities, you’re totally correct.
      I truly enjoy leading the easy newbie rides and seeing people get more comfortable and confident. All the little bs issues are worth it; I won’t stop doing them. I just needed to vent a little-after 5 or so years it was built up. Now I feel better and will be leading a cross county ride this coming Sunday. 😊
  • AZTEK IRMC 18 Aug 2020
    Ride at your own pace don’t worry about anybody else or trying to catch up that will come with time! Ride your own ride
    • Boobs 18 Aug 2020 author
      AZTEK IRMC, A great comment from an MC member!! Most of the patched club riders I’ve encountered are always encouraging/endorsing reckless riding.
      • AZTEK IRMC 18 Aug 2020
        Boobs, Well we are all beginning somewhere and learn everyday . I tend to have my fun alone for safety. But should pushed other riders to go crazy
  • Boobs 19 Nov 2020 author
    Here we go again! I set up a skills practice day for this week where I’ll measure and set out cones for drills. Now I’ve had a ride wanna bring their own cones and setup their own personal drill on the side!! Main issue is there’s not enough space for all that at once, but also HOW RUDE!! If you accept an invitation to someone’s party or dinner and then tell them you’re gonna have your own party in their dining room?? Show up at a steak dinner party with your own pizza and eat it at the table? I just don’t get it.
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