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I Ride.. and Write.... but always bikes!
01 Dec 2020

I Ride.. and Write.... but always bikes!

I used to ride in my teens and through uni. I went to uni in Scarborough so was always on the mount..

I was first introduced to bikes by a wonderful man who became my best friend..

Though 'best friend' doesnt do what we had justice.. He was like the missing part of me, and like a big brother.. To me he was my family. He saved my life many times, and we had many wild adventures, mainly with me on pillion but evenually on my own bike.
When we met he still had his first bike.. Buzby...

He went on to get bigger better bikes but Buzby was always his pride and joy... At onec point he had a lovely TDM which got us from Scarborough to newcastle in 30mins!

I stopped riding when i had my son... My bestie became his godfather.. He became a dad and got married to so the wild rides stopped...

He died in 2018....

He left Buzby to my son.. His godson.. So i got back into riding.. Got her back on the road and handed the keys to my son.

I am a writer.. So decided to write his story and our story but turn it into fiction... And of course it needed to have lots of bikes and riding! As a female who loves reading there is not many girly fiction which had bikes and racing.... Though i have found a good erotic romance series on a biker gang lol.. But thats another story!!!!!

I finished writing the book ....

If you like a good book have a read!

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