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The Sunday question
Adrian Silverio
Adrian Silverio
21 Jun 2021

The Sunday question

Do you have two tire temps for starting pressures based on season for track events?

When do you believe cold temps as a reference are irrelevant based on track/ambient temps? What is your number?

Can you list both numbers you use, or do you use "hot only" numbers?


On a personal level, Summer officially arrived this weekend so it is time to say good bye to "cold" pressures. Now it is very warm pressures that are close to hot on track temps.

8am track temps are very high, and peak temps reached 140F/60C here in California.

What does that mean for front tyres? It means they get superheated and being "stuck" on a given number is a big error in judgement or understanding.

Hotter tracks create higher tyre temps. Then you brake hard and increase carcass temps dramatically.

Don't be afraid to use 37-41 hot on track to stop braking lines meeting showing that your front tire is pancaked and super heated.

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