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Useful tips for a biker 👊
27 Jun 2021

Useful tips for a biker 👊

Saddlebags can never hold everything you want, but they can hold everything you need.

Wear heavy shoes. It's hard to kick anything or anyone when you're wearing sneakers.

Never argue with a woman if she has a big wrench in her hands.

If your bike is in trouble, stay behind the group so as not to annoy the others.

The size of the piston does not say anything about its motion.

A house is a place where your motorcycle stands long enough for a few drops of oil to remain on the ground.

The motorcycle does not leak oil, it just marks its territory.

You can get further away from home if you learn to use more than two fingers when you turn on the front brake.

Routine service should never be neglected.

Service is as much an art as it is a science.

It takes a little more love to share a "saddle" than to share a bed.

It is pleasant to observe a thunderstorm only in the rearview mirror.

Never be afraid to slow down.

Only bikers understand why dogs like to stick their heads out of the car window.

Never ask a biker how to get somewhere if you are in a hurry.

The number of kicks required to start the motorcycle is directly proportional to the number of onlookers gathered.

If you want to find a job, you will probably have to sacrifice some of your principles. I might even have to shave.

If you go the fastest, then, most likely, this will only lead to the fact that you will go alone.

Never confuse horsepower with stopping power.

Coffee, sandwiches and hamburgers are just as important as gasoline.

A cold hamburger can be easily warmed up if you tie it to the exhaust pipe and ride 30 miles.

One motorcycle on the road is worth two motorcycles in the store.

A young biker chooses a location and goes there. An old biker chooses a direction and rides along it.

Self-confidence can be increased if you have spare spark plugs, a set of wrenches and a roll of toilet paper with you.

Sometimes the fastest way to get somewhere is to stop

When you look at the road, it seems that it is endless, but it is better to know that, in fact, it ends.

Keep your bike in shape - IT's inconvenient to WALK in biker boots.

More races were won in bars than on tracks.

Never let anyone ride your motorcycle and do not ride someone else's.

If the motorcycle's brakes are not working properly, you should not start with the engine bulkhead.

Pay as much attention to your partner as to your carburetor.

Sometimes it is easier to communicate not with someone who is riding in the back seat, but with someone who is riding on another motorcycle.

The best alarm clock is the sun shine on the chrome parts of the bike.

Beware of a biker whose paint has peeled off on his bike.

When you lead a group, you don't have to spit.

If a person in a car standing next to him at a traffic light locks the door and raises the window, support his attitude to life - make an evil face and punish!

A friend is a person who will get up at two o'clock in the morning to follow you to hell knows where if you break down.

If she changes the oil more often than her opinion, follow her!

If you want to get somewhere before sunset, you can't stop at every bar.

Don't lead a group if you don't know where to lead.

Everyone falls. Some get up and ride on. Some people don't go. Some people can't.

It is useful to have two motorcycles, since you always know where to get spare parts.

She loves you if she offers to ride her motorcycle. Don't do this, and she will love you even more.

Don't argue with the tractor - it has 18 wheels.

If the surroundings seem dull to you, stop, get off the motorcycle and sit in the gutter to understand what was here before the asphalt was built.

If you ride as if tomorrow will never come, it will not come.

There are drunk bikers. There are old bikers. There are no drunk old bikers.

Thin leather looks good in a bar, but it does not save when falling on the road.

The best improvements of the motorcycle can not be seen from the outside.

Always change the cheapest parts first.

No matter what bike you have, the wind remains the same.

And one last thing. We don't become bikers, they are born bikers…

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