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It's not about the bike...
MotoGirl in Thailand
MotoGirl in Thailand
17 Jan 2022

It's not about the bike...

It's not about the bike. It really isn't. ..at least for me. It's about where the bike takes you.

As a kid I always loved being on wheels, be it a bicycle or rollerskating, or my brothers skateboard (borrowed without his permission!) The wheels took me places faster than my legs could. Took me far from the reality of my life into a world of nature and wonder, where I felt free.

My motorbike is just an extension of my childhood wheels. A bigger tool to take me deeper into the world of nature and wonder. ...and Thailand, with its nature in abundance, never disappoints.

Maybe one day I will feel its about the bike..I'm not sure. There are certainly some beautiful bikes out there. However, my simple dtracker does the job required. I treasure it, because it has given me so much.

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  • Biker_From _Mars 18 Jan 2022
    Beautiful background there. 👌🏽😊
    • MotoGirl in Thailand 18 Jan 2022 author
      Biker_From _Mars, it's lovely to ride here in S.E.Asia 🙏😊
      • Biker_From _Mars 19 Jan 2022
        MotoGirl in Thailand, Well, I'd like to do the same too and you can lead the way. 😎
  • Danny 4D's 18 Jan 2022
    cow·girl ...
    especially in the western US) a woman who herds and tends cattle, performing much of her work on horseback.
    "cowgirls work from sunrise to sunset"
    Close enough 😋 .....!
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