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...random story about this brand of juice.
MotoGirl in Thailand
MotoGirl in Thailand
02 Mar 2022

...random story about this brand of juice.

To those who are unfamiliar with it, it's 100% coconut juice. However, the bottle looks like a beer bottle.

There have been many occasions when on a ride that I've stopped into a garage 7-11 whilst fuelling up or at a local store, to buy one of these drinks. Coconut is a great natural electrolyte, and if I see anyone selling fresh ones road-side, I'll pull over to enjoy one.


It's pretty comical when sitting outside a 7-11 in moto gear drinking one of these, when someone is unfamiliar with what it is (often foreigners). The disparaging looks at what appears to be someone guzzling down alcohol whilst operating a vehicle makes the refreshing stop a little comical 🤣. Sometimes, I'll even buy two and chug them down with glee.

Up till now, no-one has yet confronted me about it, but if looks could kill....😅😅😅🤭

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