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How to clean the indicator switch (VTR1000 Firestorm 1997)
Jose Leonardo
Jose Leonardo
1 month ago

How to clean the indicator switch (VTR1000 Firestorm 1997)

You’ll need a Philips screw driver, some contact cleaner, rags and about half an hour. Also helpful is an old tooth brush and a flat head screw driver.

First remove the two screws under the switch and separate the two halves

Next remove that screw, then remove the plate it was holding.

Next remove the switch actuator

Now remove these two screws and the two metal bits they were holding

Now pull the white bit up and out. I used a flat head screw driver, pliers could work too

Now remove the black bit with the wires from the white bit. I used a flat screwdriver to spread the white bit a little to unclip it.

This is what you should now be holding

Pull everything apart, being carful not to lose the spring. Then clean it with contact cleaner, paying particular attention to the copper contact plate and where it slides into the plastic.

When cleaned and reassembled, the copper contact plate should be able to be pushed in a tiny bit and the spring should push it back out

Now clean all the other parts, paying particular attention to the three contacts on the black bit with the wires.

Finally reassemble everything in the reverse order

Make sure the switch actuator slots into where the top ball bearing is and has the washers on bottom and top. Don’t over tighten.

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