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Are the visors for my Shoei X-14 authentic?
Sergey Panov
Sergey Panov
1 month ago

Are the visors for my Shoei X-14 authentic?

I picked up two second-hand visors for my Shoei X-14 off of Facebook marketplace and I was wondering if they are authentic. From what I gather, a good way to check is that they should have stampings on it? First one is highly mirrored. It's hard to see through it from the outside. It's Chameleon. It shifts from gold to green, and the inside is purple. It doesn't have an embossed stamping. He had another one that was High Mirror Gold, again with no stamping. Seller claims he ordered them from Fortnine. I have a bit of a hard time finding a retailer that sells that specific color. Revzilla customer photos show some that have a high mirror finish, but hard for me to tell for sure. The other one I bought from him has the stamping. It is much more see-through and it checks out with Shoei's line of products: Spectra Fire Orange. I would guess this one is legit.

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