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USA, ТХ, Corpus Christi
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this is my 2nd Annual "DRESSED 2 IMPRESS RIDE" that i put together and I gotta say, i was OVERWHELMED with the outcome!!! so much bigger and better than last year and people are asking about... more
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some changes to my zx14
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some changes that have been done to my ZX14, "ROUSE" aka "Project XIV", over the past few months... also, my YouTube channel and Instagram are under Mr. INTERSTATE 37... Stay Bless... more
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Please join my fb group INTERSTATE 37... POST PICS OF UR RIDES OR BIKES!!! SHARE THE LOVE OF UR TOYS!!!... more
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I know its been a while guys and i apologize but sometimes it feels like the good lord wants to kick me in the nuts... REPEATEDLY!!! So about 6 weeks ago, while i was commuting from one of my stores t... more
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A sold 636, a wrecked zx10, and my new toy...
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So i havent been on here a while cuz ive been busy with all kinds of stuff, explained in title... so i ended up selling 6KING6 in October... i dont regret the sale but i miss her... it was an ez sale... more
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So since I'm currently working on my ZX10 ("KK"), PPL tend to forget about my baby "ROSI3" (ZX636) AKA 6KING6...!!! So I'm just gunna post a few pics from beginning to end...!!! Sh... more
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6 months 7k miles later...
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So in my last post a lady hit n knocked my bike over in a parking lot... after all was said n done i had to pay outta pocket for some of the repairs or else they would have totaled bike (because of ye... more
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People and their God DAMN cel PHONES!!!
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So at work today I was called over intercom because there was a situation in the parking lot!!! Of course u already know what happens...!!! I park far away from everything, (in a parking spot) because... more
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Exhaust exhausted!!!
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So I think I've reached my limit with ROSI3'S Exhaust!!! This 1 that I just put on will b the 6th one on this bike in 1 year!!! SMFH!!! Stock (1), everyone gets rid of the stock one, YOSHI r5 (2) that... more
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Fathers day
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I hope err 1 had a great fathers day!!! My wife n kids gave me the day to ride so I took off on "KK" to San Antonio!!! Stopped and took some Pics at some dope graf sites...!!! Hope u like!!!... more
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Always a project with my #sick3sick
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There's always something to add or fix on this bike... ive literally replaced every single piece on this bike (except frame) from the first 48 hrs I've had her til now... waiting on new exhaust and ta... more
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Helmet addiction...
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I started off squiddin...!!! No gear at all in shorts!!! After my wife got pregnant with our 4th child she said it.was.time.I started wearing a helmet n gear... well that was a lil less than a year ag... more
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She's come a long way in a short time...
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05' kawasaki ZX10 ... I bought her a couple of months ago, bone stock, with less than 10k miles... tires were shit but it was very well kept by some cowboy out in the country... i liked the ride for a... more
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How's it going...!!!
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Mr. IH37...!!! C.C., TX RIDIN...!!!... more
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