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Whats a Yamaha R71, for those who didnt know, like me
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Jeff Stone takes a look at a very special superbike - the Yamaha R71, which is a cross between a Yamaha R7 and R1, as well as meeting the man who created this modified marvel - John Merrill. Plus Jeff... more
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Ducati 999 F04 Vs. F-104 Starfighter
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October 25, 2004 at the airport of Grazzanise (CE), home of the 9th Italian Air Force fighter Flock, took place the interesting and unprecedented challenge between the red F-104S ASA-m 9-99/MM6930 and... more
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The very best shots of a championship Sunday in Thailand
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Lessons/Rules I have learned from 30 years of riding.
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I have been riding all sorts of motorcycles for 30 years, off-road, on road, superbikes, cruisers, choppers, dual sport, tourers you name it. And here are a few lessons I have learned through the year... more
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International Bridgestone Handy Race
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Photos @kouradcha21... more
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Peter Hickman’s BMW S1000RR IOMTT Race Bike
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In 2009 BMW came out with the S1000rr which was a complete game changer in the sportbike category. This 2020 BMW S1000rr is about to do the same thing. *edit for those that don't Know Peter Hickman;... more
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BMW S 1000 RR World SBK 2019
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Pre-Season Test with AlphaRacing Performance Parts... more
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Racetrack Rain Riding
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Spring is coming! You know it's going to rain, so be ready! A funny thing happens when it rains at a racecourse. The track magically empties! Everybody goes and sits in their trailers, drinking R... more
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New BMW S 1000 RR 2019 with race fairing and alpha Racing Performance Parts.
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Snaefell Mountain Course - the deadliest race track on the planet
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The Snaefell Mountain Course is a race circuit on the public roads of the Isle of Man, the venue of the famous motorcycle races Isle of Man TT (since 1911) and Manx Grand Prix (since 1923). The 37.7 m... more
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Peter Hickman's record lap for the Tourist Trophy 2018 (video)
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The 2018 Tourist Trophy has set many new records, but the most impressive is Peter Hickman's (BMW S1000R) record, which drove a lap at an average speed of 135,452 mph.... more
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TT Isle Of Man - Legends, Friday 27/04 - 8pm London Time... more
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Crighton Racing CR700P
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At 300 lbs dry and producing 200hp, the Crighton Racing CR700P should catch your attention right away. Diving deeper into the machine, the CR700P’s 700cc twin-rotor rotary engine should further pique... more
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When you think you are fast....and then Valentino Rossi pass you like a boss!! WET and COLD track
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Winter test day before the season at Magny cours GP track, track a bit wet and cold (between 8 and 10°C) As you can see iI need A LOT of work to be fast with bike on the track ahahah Rider:Sebastian V... more
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2003: THE 'RC211V': Honda continued their 'four stroke' glory days in 2003 with a total of seven V5 machines entered in the premier class, spread across four separate race teams. RC211V's won fifteen... more
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TT Legends Documentary (Episode 1-8)
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John McGuinness, nicknamed the 'The Morecambe Missile', is an ex-bricklayer and mussel picker from the north of England who has won the legendary Isle of Man TT twenty times. He is joined in the TT Le... more
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Repair/Assembly of race bike Yamaha YZF-R6
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Hi guys, have you ever thought what happens to a super bike after the crash in the race?Falls and accidents are the norm in motorsport.Here you can see how professional mechanics revived a broken bike... more
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Yamaha RD 500 by Wolfgang Hromada
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From Vienna, Austria, comes this extraordinary preparation of a Yamaha RD500 by Wolfgang Hramada, all passionate about the sports models of 2 times, who has been inspired by the Yamaha YZR 500 Wayne R... more
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#74: DAIJIRO KATO'S 2002 NSR500.
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2002: THE 'NSR500' TWO STROKE: Daijiro Kato competed on this motorcycle in the 2002 500cc World Motorcycle Championship, his most successful placing was second at the 2002 Spanish Grand Prix. The 200... more
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MotoGP final standings after three days in ThaiTest
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MotoGP: Repsol Honda duo roll out carbon swing arm
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The Repsol Honda duo of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa have been secretly testing a new carbon fibre swing arm on their RC213V machines at both of MotoGP’s official pre-season tests in Malaysia and thi... more
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MotoGP riders salaries (revealed) 2018
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Márquez celebra San Valentín con su Honda RC213V (2017)
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February 14 is a date marked on the calendar. We have a couple or not, we know that it is valentine's day, and several pilots have also wanted to add in this day. Marc Marquez, Maverick Viñales and Al... more
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1/2 mile: Kawasaki H2R vs McLaren MP4-12C, Bugatti Veyron, Nissan R35 GT-R (video)
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Kawasaki H2R 2015 is a formidable weapon when we talk about drag racing. The motorcycle is able to compete with the most expensive cars. The bike costs about $ 50,000 and is the most powerful producti... more
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Victory Electric Race bike
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Victory Electric Race Prototype Piloted by Lee Johnston Preps for Isle of Man TT Zero Race on June 10th, 2015.... more
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