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USA, TN, East Nashville
Rides on: Honda - RC
Music City Raceway 6-1-18
I only did 2 runs and this is the only one I got a video of. It's the first run I did. I didn't do very well because I got excited and took off from the line and as I tried to put my feet on the pegs... more
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May 31st weather.
The weather is supposed to be good tomorrow. I might head out for a few after 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. Peace and elbow grease. I have always loved 2 strokes Especially since my first road bik... more
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Memorial day was pretty rainy but we still got out and hit some asphalt.
It rained off and on in Nashville all day. It was nice to get a cool down because it's been so hot here. Best Memorial Day weekend I have had in 10/20 years. Met up with some really cool people.... more
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Got out Sunday for a group ride.
Here are the highlights of the group ride this past Sunday Memorial Day Weekend here in Nashville coming out of Club Exxon on Broadway.... more
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