Honda NX 650 Dominator - Streettracker
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How to build your very own nx650 streettracker, Part #2
Honda NX 650 Dominator - Streettracker
Honda NX 650 Dominator - Streettracker
04 Feb 2021

How to build your very own nx650 streettracker, Part #2

The fuel tank on both bikes came from an early (1980's?????) Honda CG125 Which will require a small amount of work underneath on the tap side in order for the tank to sit down enough to get it level with the rear frame rail, you will also need to move the mounting plate towards the rear as the tank is longer than the original. The original lugs on the frame for the fuel tank have to be removed as do the mount lugs on the new tank. Unfortunately i don't have any pics of this work but it will be obvious when you are there. Once fitted and leak tested of course! you can prep and paint it, i used a petrol tap from eBay with the correct thread and a cap from Honda with the all important vent! The little things!!!!!

These were purchased from a company in the u.s called DC plastics and were reproductions originally for a 1975 Honda CR250 Elsinore.

The seat/rear cowling is without question the biggest headache on this build, the first version was a combination of a very cut-down cb900 and fiberglass with body filler.

Second time around i knew i couldn't do it this way again so made the whole thing from scratch.....

I used aluminium plate 4 mm thick for strength and ease of cutting/working etc.

The rear open end was then plated with thinner sheet aluminium and an a skim of car body filler applied to smooth everything out.

Here it is! see......easy!
A piece of 2mm mild steel plate was then fabricated to fit inside the seat section, this plate will then be upholstered. Because of the shallow seat depth i recommend you use quite a high density foam similar to that used for garden kneeling pads.

So cosmetically you're getting there! You have to bear in mind i am only giving you the very basics of the build you will come across problems as i did ........ alot! But the idea of the bike the looks and workings will (hopefully) be laid out here.
One of the most important parts of this build was getting the right exhaust, i knew i wanted a down swept flat track type but nobody in the u.k made them. Further searching online got me to a company called Jemco based in Texas and Jon the owner was more than happy to supply me a very high quality item (took him long enough mind!)

Due to the long waiting time for Jon's expert services i enlisted the help from a more local exhaust company called Longlife who are normally tasked with fitting drainpipe sized back boxes for corsa's and saxo's but when i asked if they could build a similar pipe they agreed.

And in what must be record time they produced this...

Close enough! cheers Pete you the man! Made in only two days and in stainless..... awesome!
I then added the finishing touches by way of a 4" to 2" reducer for the end , painted the silencer section (silencer ...yeah right!) and wrapped the rest with exhaust tape, cant quite remember the manufacturer but the colour was titanium and was not cheap but was the best colour (EBAY)

WARNING! this thing is VERY LOUD but so cool!

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