Suzuki V-Strom 650 - Shadow
Suzuki V-Strom 650 - Shadow
06 Nov 2020

Bad Habits

I’m thinking of selling my Strom as I have developed a deadly habit which has only happened on this bike (I’ve had 5).
As I’m braking, I’m rolling the throttle!!!
I’ve read that many people do this and they focus extra hard on NOT doing it but I don’t want to have to focus so hard in order to stop my bike safely.
I love this bike and I bought it with absolutely everything I would ever need already installed or fitted.
To be honest, Shadow is so freaking heavy that with this extra issue, I’m scared to ride him.
I do ride my Ninja often and have no issues.
Any helpful advice?

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  • Chris 06 Nov 2020
    any way to adjust the position of the break lever? maybe try moving it down so you force your wrist forward.
    • Chris 06 Nov 2020
      Chris, brake, sorry. dictate doesn't always work properly lol
      • Bev 06 Nov 2020 author
        Chris, I’ve had a quick look and not an easy fix. Tomorrow I’m replacing the mirror mount as it snapped off when the bike fell, and I will see if there’s something I can do while I have some bits off the bar etc.
        Thank you for your comment 😊
  • Christine Fressard 07 Nov 2020
    Hi Bev. I notice that your Vstrom is more powerful than your other bikes. The throttle will be more sensitive than the others. I found this when I stepped up from my 500 to my 900. You have to learn to be light fingered compared to the others. Ride the bike don’t let it control you. Do some slow speed work on it in a car Park it helped me heaps have someone walk next to you and keep to their speed. You will get used to the throttle real quick. Hope it helps 😉
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