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Day 5 - Caiga Beach to Parry Beach - 567 kms
After a great nights sleep with waves crashing at my feet I got up and had breakfast. Crackers with cheese & pepperoni and one orange. Not exactly the breakfast of champions but I do the best I ca... more
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Day 4 - Cocklebiddy to Caiga Beach - 649 kms
I guess I better come clean due to all the concerned emails I've been receiving. I may have exaggerated my comment "I'll glass ya!" a little bit. The nice guys (and girls) from Streaky Bay w... more
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Day 3 - Fowlers Bay to Cocklebiddy - 696 kms
Today I rode across a good part of the Nullarbor which in Latin means no trees. This is true and it would be an amazingly boring trip if you only stayed on the main road. Luckily I have an adventure b... more
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Day 2 - Tumby Bay to Fowlers Bay - 605 kms
Lucky for me and unlucky for you today was fairly eventful which gave me a full day of just thinking up stuff. One thing that I found my self unconsciously doing was the raised two finger salute to th... more
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Day 1 - Angaston to Tumby Bay - 675 kms
They say all journeys start with a single step but mine began with a crash, blown fork seal and run in with the law. After two days of being spoiled with food, drink and presents at Alicia's parents h... more
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Nice... more
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