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That time of year again........... more
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BOTK 2018: Top-5 custom bikes
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At the end of last year, Harley-Davidson announced the continuation of the successful contest Battle of the Kings. In 2018, 250 Harley-Davidson dealers from more than 20 countries will compete among t... more
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So as it is cold and freezing in the Netherlands, it's time to look back at the pics I made last summer. Hop you like it!... more
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She fall in love
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She just fall in love with my bike. Lol... more
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PROBLEMA no Cabo de Embreagem
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Verifiquem o Cabo de Embreagem. Ele encosta no Radiador, aquece e acaba estragando o Cabo.... more
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Safety Riding Tips
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Hey all, I just would like to share my personal opinion about safe riding. This isn't meant to offend anyone, but just for taking an attention to a point. Thanks for understanding and ride safe! --S... more
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1199 S Panigale
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Track paint and my old 999
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My track paint job and my old 999... more
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