Indian Springfield - Humble pie
Indian Springfield - Humble pie
22 Apr 2021

Bikers paradise

Hello ladies and gents, I live in the San Luis valley of Colorado and its wide open for riding. HWY 17 has been repaved and lends itself well to bikes w/ long legs, but give caution to the cross winds that appear from time to time. Currently I am sponsoring poker runs and a rally with a little help from my friends. Runs and events will support the development of a Living Memorial that assist people being able to meet their basic human needs, while honoring our warriors by turning sacrifices into gain and creating solutions for our community's.

I've been riding for 25 plus years and truly enjoy the freedom and travels during my journey. I relate more to machines than people, especially 2 wheeled machines and wish to encourage more bike related activities here in the SLV. We started our own dirtbag challenge last year and plan to expand to a motorcycle rodeo this year. I am open to suggestions for bike related activities and willing to accommodate for various ride styles for events.

Moffat to Crestone CO is roughly 13 mile stretch with 4 90° turns and a small town and big community at the end of it. One of our run sponsors will be hosting a swap meet during our runs for local and visiting builders.

Anyhow, I am inviting all bikes and walks of like to come together in a respectful and fun manner and change our course towards self reliance and environmental security. If we fail to maintain our ability to make decisions for ourselves and that power is usurped, we are all fucked. Why not come together in a good way and move forward together that way as well and never fear for our freedoms. Keep the shiny side up, Peace.

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  • Brandon 22 Apr 2021 author
    our website has information
  • Stuntcraft 22 Apr 2021
    You can add your events to the map for free
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