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Day 19 - Borroloola to Burketown - 510 kms
  • complain
Jason's Comments: Upon unzipping my swag to the emerging daylight I was reminded that all Longwell's (with the exception of Eisele-Longwell) wake up on most occasions before I. I thought I was dreamin... more
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Day 18 - Mataranka Homestead to Borroloola - 582 kms
  • complain
After yesterday's post Jason and I took full advantage of the bar until we worked up enough courage to walk through the woods in the dark to the natural hot spring pools. The locals had told us that y... more
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Day 17 - Darwin to Mataranka Homestead - 462 kms
  • complain
They say "The best things in life are free" but apparently friendship doesn't fall into that category as it cost me $10,540 to get my friend Jason to visit me in Australia. $9,000 for the bi... more
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trip to the thorp
  • complain
370 km from Moscow... more
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Day 16 - Rum Jungle to Darwin - 257 kms
  • complain
I woke up to a loud buzzing sound and saw a cloud of Mosquitos gathered on the mesh of my swag and eying me like the delicious meal I would surely be. I was just in my undies and had to make a mad das... more
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Day 15 - Kununurra to Rum Jungle - 811 kms
  • complain
I crossed into the Northern Territory this morning and the speed limit immediately jumps up to 130 kph which seemed fast at first but you get used to it pretty quick. Also signs started popping up all... more
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Day 14 - Jimbalakudunj to Kununurra - 771 kms
  • complain
Another long day on the road trying to catch up for my past mistakes led me deeper into less habited portions of NE Western Australia. Now I know Texas is big but Western Australia is massive! I've ch... more
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Day 13 - Pardoo to Jimbalakudunj - 806 kms
  • complain
I slept for a solid 10 hours and woke up with the sun all the way for the first time on my trip. I had woken up once during the night to cover my gear when it started raining only to realise in the mo... more
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Day 12 - Munjina Roadhouse to Pardoo - 468 kms
  • complain
A crash today was nearly the end of my trip but I was saved by two things my dad had taught me when I was younger. I'll get to that in a minute.While packing up this morning I started talking with two... more
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Day 11 - Giralia Station to Munjina Roadhouse - 684 kms
  • complain
My phone died sometime in the night but no need to worry about the alarm because the swarms of flies returned to me as soon as the sun peeked over the horizon. I got packed up as quick as I could wish... more
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Day 10 - Coral Bay to Giralia Station - 119 kms
  • complain
When I bought my swag (A roll up canvas tent/sleeping bag thing for the non-Australians) the camping shop in Adelaide sold me on the fact that the mesh was so fine that non even the smallest gnat coul... more
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Day 9 - Shark Bay to Coral Bay - 671 kms
  • complain
I pulled into the old Gladstone Station ruins after dark last night and couldn't see when I was setting up my swag. Somehow I managed to put it right on top of the only chunk of cement on an otherwise... more
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Day 8 - Perth to Shark Bay - 756 kms
  • complain
Woke up at 4:45AM, flew from Adelaide to Perth, repaired all the damage to the bike, rode north for ten hours and set up camp. As you can see I didn't have the luxury of much spare time today so when... more
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Day 7 - Parry Beach to Perth - 536 kms
  • complain
I said goodbye to my new friends and headed to off. I found another dirt short cut between Walpole and Redcliffe and came to a sign about 30kms in that said "No Access, Road Impassable". Cha... more
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Day 6 - Parry Beach to Parry Beach No forward progress.
  • complain
After writing Day 5's adventure I met the campers at the site next to me and had dinner and then port, whiskey and beer with them. After reading that a 6m Great White had stranded 16 swimmers on a roc... more
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Day 5 - Caiga Beach to Parry Beach - 567 kms
  • complain
After a great nights sleep with waves crashing at my feet I got up and had breakfast. Crackers with cheese & pepperoni and one orange. Not exactly the breakfast of champions but I do the best I ca... more
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Day 4 - Cocklebiddy to Caiga Beach - 649 kms
  • complain
I guess I better come clean due to all the concerned emails I've been receiving. I may have exaggerated my comment "I'll glass ya!" a little bit. The nice guys (and girls) from Streaky Bay w... more
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Day 3 - Fowlers Bay to Cocklebiddy - 696 kms
  • complain
Today I rode across a good part of the Nullarbor which in Latin means no trees. This is true and it would be an amazingly boring trip if you only stayed on the main road. Luckily I have an adventure b... more
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Day 2 - Tumby Bay to Fowlers Bay - 605 kms
  • complain
Lucky for me and unlucky for you today was fairly eventful which gave me a full day of just thinking up stuff. One thing that I found my self unconsciously doing was the raised two finger salute to th... more
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Day 1 - Angaston to Tumby Bay - 675 kms
  • complain
They say all journeys start with a single step but mine began with a crash, blown fork seal and run in with the law. After two days of being spoiled with food, drink and presents at Alicia's parents h... more
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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 7
  • complain
Let's continue...In Tintinas, the features of the Spanish colonialists are easily discernible, is not it? You look this way in these eyes, how these dolls dance awkwardly, waving their hands and thro... more
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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 6
  • complain
Bolivia is a poor country, one of the poorest countries in South America ... to be more precise, it is on the penultimate place in the list. This is evident even in tourist and big cities and villages... more
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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 5
  • complain
A shaky, trembling world, in which everything is like a dream. Mountains hovering above the earth and water, a multidimensional world of clouds, lamas slowly floating through the air and thin-legged f... more
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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 4
  • complain
Let's continue... Sucre is something. One of the smallest and cozy capitals of those that we saw. The capital city does not look like. Its coloniality is obvious, but it can be difficult to see it un... more
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Adventures of YB125 in Bolivia. Part 3
  • complain
Wet mountain forests of Bolivia, in particular, the protected natural area of ​​Amboro, are famous for their giant fern-like trees. Walking under 5-9 meters of ferns, you can imagine a world in which... more
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