Yamaha TW 200 - Dewey
Yamaha TW 200 - Dewey
27 Dec

Another biker born

12/26/21 A friend of a friend got a Scout from his wife for Christmas. She snuck behind his back and bought it from his coworker for a surprise. He got matching jackets too. Dude was stoked but hasn’t ridden anything since 3 wheelers as a kid. I hopped on Dewey and met my friend at the guy(Jeff’s)house.
Went over some basics, gave him some tips, and I showed him how to make a u turn confidently. It’s always awesome to see someone gain empowerment on a bike! We did a little neighborhood cruise and I gave him some specifics to practice while he gets his learners permit. It’s rainy this week anyway might as well study. I forgot to grab a pic but will next time I see him. He lives nearby so I imagine we’ll be riding buddies at least for awhile.

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