Yamaha YZF R1
Yamaha YZF R1
01 Feb

100% complete…

Got the rear shock in and swapped the front spacers twice trying to get the sag right. I’m going to ride it a bit and see if the front loosens up a little. Rider sag (not measuring with average for stiction compensation)

is 25mm. A little tight, but a quick spin and it isn’t too harsh. Maybe when it’s warmer and the cartridges break in a bit, the sag will be right.

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  • steve 06 Feb
    The best suspension in the world. I have it on my Ducati & Kawasaki.
    • Dennis S. 06 Feb author
      steve, I had an Ohlins rear on my 2005 R1but just re-sprung the front. It handled good, but had a tendency to want to slide the front when I hit mid-corner chatter bumps. Hopefully the front Ohlins cartridges will take care of that on this bike.
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