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Building stuntbike seat
  • complain
I took the stock seat cover off, cut the foam, cut the seat pan... measured new vinyl to match the stock seat cover. matched it up and cut hole out of new vinyl to match the seat hole. Then i to... more
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Memories of the first bike
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It all started with one photo One of my friends ride on a motorcycle and I was very attracted to his helmet, I put it on and he took a picture of me. It is worth saying that in my personal life... more
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Futurismoto Tail tidy
  • complain
Just put the new tail tidy on, goes well with the indicators. Few kms and stone chips now.... more
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Just stopped to take a photo😜😜
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chapter one test
  • complain
Night driving. Getting back home from chalikdiki in Greece... more
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Obligatory stop at Java Hutt
  • complain
One of my fav spots to enjoy a coffee and some graffiti in Detroit... more
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CBR250RR MC22 For Sale
  • complain
1991 MC22 CBR250RR FOR SALE Registered and running $1200 Firm Located Perth, Western Australia. 0404650315... more
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Mundaring Weir
  • complain
Early morning ride to Mundaring Weir😊... more
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A perfect summary=)
  • complain
This is how i feel every time I ride✊✊✊✌✌... more
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A pitstop last summer
  • complain
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fun day sun day
  • complain
nice chill ride with good ppl... more
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Weekend Run
  • complain
1000km run... more
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Crashed my bike
  • complain
Now I have to find some parts... That's what happens when you brake too hard on a wet track...... more
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first look
  • complain
First tim i got to take a look at my beamer... more
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Before and after two days of track
  • complain
Just have to share this cause it’s amazing! I’m a firm believer in skill/technique is more important for improvement than parts as most of us are. I guess it’s cause I’m still a noob and learning, but... more
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Conors pass and slea head drive probably Some of the highest and most narrow roads
  • complain
Climbing over the wall to the edge of the cliff to get the perfect picture 🤣🤣... more
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Track day pics
  • complain
Just a few pics of me on the kwaka... more
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East to west
  • complain
Wexford to Kerry on the coast road as much as possible did end up in the mountains after a biker recommended it 350 miles done today 😁... more
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2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
  • complain
Caption says it all... more
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Track day! Awesome weather
  • complain
At broadford having a ball! How is your Friday?... more
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Rainy spin
  • complain
Wet rides 🤣... more
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Ride Sunday
  • complain
Heading to the twisties Sunday. Leaving Kangaroo Ground General store Victoria at 09:00. Heading to Healsville and beyond. Anyone welcome... more
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Healsville loop
  • complain
Went for a quick ride up to Healsville, through to toolanghi and then down kinglake to St. Andrews pub... more
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My new/ first bike
  • complain
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Ride on the weekend
  • complain
Anyone keen in Melbourne Australia to go for a ride Healsville way?Healsville... more
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