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Represa jurumirim cerqueira cesar
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29abr2020... more
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Track day!
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The new race season in a new team!
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After the good performance in Frohburg(D), despite the crash, the team(Performance Racing Achterhoek) where Ilja drove for, asked if he would join the team as a new driver. He stays in IRRC(Internatio... more
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Report Frohburg (Germany) last race of the season!
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The last two races of the season, we're closing fast. After the crash in Imatra(Finland)we had a lot of damage on the Honda. ( whole report of that race and crash in an earlier post) Despite all the e... more
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Exiting from turn 1
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A photo taken while I was exiting from turn one in Achna Racing Speedway... more
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"TIE Fighter Racebike/Trackbike Build Stage 1
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"TIE Fighter" Racebike/Trackbike Build Stage 1 Performance: - Race pod filters - Re-jet and custom carburetor tuning - Manual cam-chain tensioner - Smog block off plates - Weight reduction... more
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