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Tiger Trail - take Two
Triumph Tiger 750
Triumph Tiger 750
1 month ago

Tiger Trail - take Two

OK - here's what I'm trying to emulate - quite rare and I don't even know if these were exported to the US, but in 1980 a small run of these bikes were produced. They have a pig ugly exhaust, 21 inch wheels on the standard front suspension, and a slightly longer shock on the standard swing arm. There is also that nasty looking front mudguard/fender to contend with.

It's almost impossible to obtain replica or genuine parts for this as they were a desperate lash up at the end of the era and even parts books are had to come by. However, the geometry of the bike, and the way it looks should be easy to recreate - just get a 21 inch rim and some knobblies and we're away....right?

At the time the press welcomed the bike and praised it's handling, so I'm going to go ahead on the basis that it looks neat and there won't be many genuine bikes to park up alongside and compare it with.

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