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Minsk SKR 250
  • complain
Belarus, Minsk... more
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Custom seat with crazy monkey
  • complain
🐒 didn't stay for a long time on Dnepr... more
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My friend already sold this bike.
  • complain
this bike never was mine. but it looks so unusual for me. so I decided to share some pictures with this Russian Frankenstein... more
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Vintage XS 650
  • complain
What can you say about a machine that weighs less than 400 lbs and has a measly 50 horsepower?A fuckin blast to ride is what I say!Sounds nice,runs well(starts first kick every time)and puts a smile o... more
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My Izh Jupiter 5 "Invader"
  • complain
I bought a bike a couple of months ago ... and the weekend was doomed to spend in the garage ... I looked at Assault Royal Enfild))... more
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Motorcycle Assembly
  • complain
The engine was disassembled by the company long back in Neukirchen and after cleaning by motors Israel re-assembled and re-mounted. The motor housing, gear housing, air filter box and the Anlasserdeck... more
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Separate parts
  • complain
Hilfeeeeee... more
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The processing of frames
  • complain
Everything has been expanded and removed from the frame.... more
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Seat, and number plate recording
  • complain
First adjustment of the rear part with the number plate holder Foundation and recording for the GRP-hump. Aluminum sheet of 4 mm.... more
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The rear frame
  • complain
The original rear frame, and the defective shock absorber was removed. In England, I have ordered for my conversion of a very delicate rear frame and a matching bump (made of GRP) and adjusted. The sh... more
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Headlight, Speedometer, Handlebars
  • complain
The decision for the speedometer, headlight and headlight mounting bracket is made quickly. The very strong cranked Handlebar-but is not used (an attempt!). There is a shallow but wide LSL has been e... more
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We are victims!
  • complain
Hello friends! I hasten to share the joyful news - the investigation about the accident finally is beginning to happen! 2 weeks ago it was admitted, that I and my Kawasaki became victims in the accide... more
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Big-big troubles....
  • complain
Preparation for the trip was well under way. 7 days before departure on Friday, 8 July. I went to wash the motorcycle before I started to pack it for a long-range trip, change filter oil, cables, rubb... more
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Other adventures of my Kawasaki in 2017
  • complain
On my birthday I bought a Suzuki RM125. And as you understand, I did not close the season and managed to experience the joys of winter enduro.Then a long cold winter ... But when spring came, I ran in... more
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Teaching my son to ride on the sand.
  • complain
One day I decided to get my son to drive on the dunes, there was also a quarry! It was fun, I tired of running after my son, but progress on the face. Equipment is really a good thing! As my son said... more
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Reconstruction 78 GS1000 (#4)
  • complain
Cleaned up and partially restored my gauges....numbers are still a bit sunbaked.... With most of the wiring taken care of, it was time to get to the brakes. I had rebuilt the rear 600 bandit caliper,... more
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Reconstruction 78 GS1000 (#3)
  • complain
The day finally came... Engine going back where it belongs.....I'm finally making some progress here on this I put the engine in the same way I pulled it out.....But I did ask a friend to stop by to h... more
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Reconstruction 78 GS1000 (#2)
  • complain
Realizing the tank I had was just too far gone for a ratrod look, I started the search for another 78 tank.... Soon I realized there were non to be found.... :( On one occasion I had found a complete... more
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Reconstruction 78 GS1000
  • complain
This is where the story started.... A Craigslist ad for a 78 GS1000 that had not been started since 1990....$400 I thought it would be a good parts bike for 78 GS1000 I already had. The bike looked co... more
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The history of the building of a cafe racer. The final stage of the assembly.
  • complain
If you ask yourself what is the most pleasant stage in the construction of a custom, then after the first start of the engine, I would undoubtedly name the final assembly stage. Everything has already... more
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Adventures of the Bear (it’s my Kawasaki) far away. Part four - the most delicious glass of beer.
  • complain
Hello. I continue the story about my adventures in the mountains. On this day I had to travel 349 kilometers through the Alps, through Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, Italy. This day I can safely call... more
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The history of the building of a cafe racer. Part three - Anatomizing the beauty.
  • complain
"There is no formula of beauty (as well as a recipe for happiness), but if by some miracle they become known to you, then do not rush to touch them, because you deprive yourself of one of the bri... more
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The history of the building of a cafe racer. Part two. Logo, concept, beetle-bombardier, color.
  • complain
As you will name a ship, so it will float ... - a quote from the cartoon. A beetle and a motorbike, what can they have in common? I think not much, maybe the image. A certain material, objective, tan... more
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Adventures of the Bear (it’s my Kawasaki) far away. Part three - the way to my dream
  • complain
I always dreamed of this, sitting at school, walking with a girl in the park telling in colors , that someday, I'll be riding on a motorcycle in the mountains. a year ago I could not believe that I wo... more
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Adventures of the Bear (it’s my Kawasaki) far away. Part two - BMW Museum in Munich.
  • complain
Today I will continue the story of our journey to the clouds. From Prague we moved to Munich to visit the holy place, thinking not only for the fans of BMW, but also for all the technicians. I intenti... more
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