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Sportster 1200, battery terminals
Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200
Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200
1w ago

Sportster 1200, battery terminals

Rode about 90 min Thursday. Parked returned - no issues. Went to go for a ride today and it wouldn't start. It turned over a few times but wouldn't start. Took the battery out to put it on the charger, was getting about 12.6v on the bike and once connected to the charger. upon disconnecting I noticed the terminals both looked a lil melty. I have had to remove this battery and put it on the charger several times in the last year (between far and few occasional rides) so this isn't my first removal/charging rodeo but first time seeing this... What could cause this, and where should I start for troubleshooting?

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  • Martin Hodari 1w ago
    Definitely loose terminals. Also if the battery has died multiple times in a year then it's probably time r a new battery. Last, buy a battery tender Jr, which comes with the pigtail, and then you can charge your battery without taking it in and out. The less you have to tighten/loosen the terminals the less likely you are to not tighten them enough so it comes loose.
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