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How to remove rust from gas tank
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Today I am going to show you how I took care of the rust that was inside the gas tanks on my new winter project. The bike was originally registered in Florida and I suspect it was either in a flood o... more
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Hello, new guy here.
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hi my name is Jamie I'm new to this app not sure how all of it works but I'm willing to give it a go a while back a nice polite young woman who belongs to my group on Facebook Pittsburgh biker parlor... more
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De-rusting Harley flywheel with electrolytic rust removal principle
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Hi Everyone! Today i am going to share with you how to take rust out of an old Harley motorcycle flywheel with the electrolytic rust removal principle. All you need is a plastic bucket (non conductiv... more
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Shovelhead frame repair in the top neck bearing area
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The bearing race was way too loose on the top of the 1980 frame for an unknown reason, and it need to be repair, so my friend ask me to take care of it for him, he heard that I have done something sim... more
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How to change your rear tire on an 04 up Sportster
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Hello everyone lets get to it. You've been riding and riding and riding and now your rear tire looks like this What do you do? Take it to a dealer, to an Indy? Nahhh Change it yourself. Here's... more
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Shovelhead restoration
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Hey all, After comparing 3-4 major forums and their post-count-to-reply ratio, I've decided to post the rebuild here.Here's the background: It has sat in a warehouse for 16 years or more. It was... more
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Masala Trip 11
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Friends, we have a new 11th series of Masala Trip - motorcycle travel on Royal Enfields around India and Nepal. The road, the road and again the road. 2000km through central India. Accident and consta... more
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Masala Trip 10
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Motorcycle travel on Royal Enfields around India and Nepal. Corruption and breakdowns on the Indian border. Varanasi is a city of the dead. The fire of Shiva is a fire that burns for 5000 years! Ghats... more
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Masala Trip 9
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Motorcycle travel on Royal Enfields around India and Nepal. We started the 2nd season of our moto-series and travel! The fuel crisis in Nepal, the search for gasoline, the consequences of the earthqua... more
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Masala Trip 8
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And now we were really worried! On the one hand, the abyss, from the other wheels of trucks, and the resulting visa presses on us... And ahead is only a road that can not be turned off because of a po... more
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Masala Trip 7
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Motorcycle trip on Royal Enfields around India and Nepal. High road in the Himalayas. The highest automobile pass in the world. The capital of Ladakh - Le.... more
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Masala Trip 6
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Meet the 6th series of our motor trips around India and Nepal. High-altitude road in the Himalayas. Five thousandth passes. Interview with Hubert Kriegol. The Frenchman who has been riding bikes aroun... more
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MasalaTrip 4
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Travel on Royal Enfields around India and Nepal. Manali is a mountain resort in the Indian Himalayas. Naggar is the residence of the Russian artist, researcher and mystic Nicholas Roerich. The whole t... more
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Masala Trip.Traveling on motorcycles in India and Nepal. Part 3
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Meet the new part of our moto-travel project "Masala Trip"! Moto-foot travel to the source of the Ganges in the Indian Himalayas.... more
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Masala Trip.Traveling on motorcycles in India and Nepal online. Part 2
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Meet the first part of the 2nd series about our motor trip around India and Nepal. Rishikesh is the gateway to the Himalayas, an abandoned ashram, in which the Beatles lived, the first problems with b... more
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Masala Trip.Traveling on motorcycles in India and Nepal.Part 1.
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A shooting of a documentary film about a motorcycle trip around India and Nepal. Meet our first part.... more
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H-D Snow Hill Climb - the king of a snowy mountain
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From 25 to 28 of January the world's winter extreme games Winter X Games 2018 were held in Aspen, Colorado. This year, motorcyclists and snowmobiles were among skiers, snowboarders and other fans of t... more
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Fat Bob 2018 by Rusty Butcher
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Those who follow my publications have probably heard about the brand Rusty Butchers and know exactly who Mark Atkins is. For those who are too lazy to seek, I will briefly describe. From a young age A... more
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BOTK 2018: Top-5 custom bikes
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At the end of last year, Harley-Davidson announced the continuation of the successful contest Battle of the Kings. In 2018, 250 Harley-Davidson dealers from more than 20 countries will compete among t... more
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My latest project kawasaki 1500 Bobber
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This bike was made to order. I received it in this condition This bike has been a craftsman, but as you can see not very well. The new owner of the motorcycle wanted Bobber, but better quality. It see... more
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