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Part 1 - Restoration of V4 project "Pocket Rocket"
Honda VFR 400
Honda VFR 400
4w ago

Part 1 - Restoration of V4 project "Pocket Rocket"

I'm starting a new project-restoration of a motorcycle I've seen in my life.

So, mini rocket c engine V4, all standard, blind purchase, another bunch of wood)

Pictures of the ad:

The motorcycle was very far from me, as far away as Ussuriysk, the delivery came out about the cost of the motorcycle itself(.

Well, I really wanted to bring it back to life, so I have no regrets.

Awaiting shipment to me, plus a huge blue bag of parts stuffed in it.

A month of waiting and here it is

Slowly began disassembling and moving it into the house

The bike is mangled everywhere you look, everything needs attention:

- The engine is dead, I don't know what happened to the piston, it feels like it fell apart and worked in such a state - the edges are melted or something, the crank liners are naturally turned, the knee is dead, strangely, but the heads were not affected. Cylinders are thoroughly jacked up, as I understand it, liners are not changed here.

- The carburators look like they're from an RVF400.

- Air filter box..., I'd better write that it's not there.

- The tank from RVF400 has some rust on top and dents, inside is surprisingly like new.

- Wheels are also from RVF400, for 17", dented front and rear.

- There are no footpeg brackets, instead of them a piece of steel cut out with a bolt cutter with a thickness of 5mm.

- The exhaust was not complete, here it is on two pipes, one bank is Yoshimura Zero Titanium.

- The chain and sprockets are dead.

- Front fork leaks, oil seals and dust covers are dead.

- The dash is assembled on thermosoply, the front headlights are mounted on tie rods (and not from a VFR at all, most likely from a ZXR).

- The bottom spider (which holds the dash and headlights) is obscenely dented.

- Radiators are rather dead, the upper one is badly dented on both sides, the lower one has almost no mounts on it.

- No radiator fan.

- Plastic seems to be Chinese, tail doesn't fit, huge ugly gaps, fender is broken.

- Rear amort seems to be from the first edition nc30 (no external tank).

- Aliexpress handles, front brake car, and clutch handle from the same place.

- There are missing buttons on the left remote.

- The tank lid is also not original, as is the ignition switch.

- The rear brake car is Nissin, not from the VFR.

- Seats are in thermosoles.

A lot of parts are missing.

On the plus side:

- Reinforced hoses

- Front fork seems to be alive.

- 17" wheels (less hassle with rubber).

FUUUUH, I think I have listed everything) the continuation follows...

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