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So as many of the world is in lockdown due to this virus, I'm planning on getting some replacement parts for the bike, since I'm not riding as I don't want to take up NHS resources in the event of an... more
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Back again
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There was once a song that began, 'back once again with the renegade master' well I'm not sure about renegade or master but I'm back. Realised while we are on lockdown and cleaning my hike that I have... more
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Changing F800GT Tires, just wanted to share the experience.
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With less than 800 miles on the OE Metzeler Z8 Interact tires, which I really liked, I ran over a piece of steel that left a hole that couldn't be plugged. Originally, I had used a couple of spoons to... more
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Why do I ride?
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When the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the air is crisp with the first hints of spring I've already been riding. In the summer heat and scarlet sunsets of hot August I'm still riding. When the cloc... more
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Road to Italia 2019
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So, well, I don't even know how to start writing a blog, but I'll try to tell you about my adventures.First of all, I would like to go back and tell you how I got this crazy idea (it is more than 5000... more
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Actually gutted!
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Well this happened in my way home from work.. Dunno if its a right off but safe to say I'm not biking for a while so it gets sorted, She didn't want me to go through insurance but not realising there'... more
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Suzuki 1- Lee 0
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So the bikes striked again... Fine all last week and this morning, come to tonight to go home from work and nope... Nothing.. Won't start, no mileage showing, clock reset to 1:00. Im thinking dead ba... more
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Winters here now!
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So as my first winter with a big bike has officially set in this weekend with temperatures below freezing overnight and through the day it's barely reached above 4 in my back yard I set upon cleaning... more
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Another beautiful day to enjoy it ¡!Houston tx
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Let's see
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Finally the search is over!
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So, another addition to the blog and to the attempt at getting my first bike back towards original, and good, trustworthy (I use this term loosely) order. Upon buying the bike looked as fine to the un... more
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Finally the search is over!
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So, another addition to the blog and to the attempt at getting my first bike back towards original, and good, trustworthy (I use this term loosely) order. Upon buying the bike looked as fine to the un... more
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My little monster !!!! Galveston tx
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Traverse Ridge with Dad
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Rode up traverse ridge in Utah with my dad (on his K1300S).... more
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Utah’s Immigration, East Canyons
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My second group ride was through immigration canyon and East canyon in Utah. Lots of turns and an amazing stop/view halfway through.... more
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My little monster
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1250 mile journey
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This summer went with friends on a short trip for 5 days to the shores of the Black Sea. were in many picturesque places, helped people, visited the motor festival. Avoided accidents several times 😁 f... more
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Getting more done
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That time of year again........... more
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Progress so far.
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From the day I bought the bike till a month ago. She has a few new updates since but I'll put those pictures in another post.... more
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How to you guys install modifications or work on your bike without a garage?
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So basically today I was working on my bike a bit (just cleaning and installing frame sliders and a USB charger, basic stuff) and my HOA fined me because that’s not allowed. I can’t even wash it. D... more
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Chopped exhaust
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Had a good time turning my carbon pipe into a shorty!... more
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Finally got to Cape Roca. Porto Novo - Cabo da Roca - Faro, Estpania 2017 Tour, day 13
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Finally we got to this great place. Along the way, unfortunately, I put the motorcycle on and broke the right mirror, but it did not spoil the mood at all.The text and photos you can find in previous... more
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We are moving towards Cape Roca on anomalous heat. Porto - Porto Novo, Estpania 2017 Tour, day 12
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The twelfth day of the journey, we move towards Cape Roca. On this day, contrary to our plans, we did not reach it because of the abnormal heat (+37, at the end of October) and the incomprehensible to... more
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Trying to fix motorcycles, the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying the abnormal heat - Porto, Estpania 2017 Tour, day 10-11
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2 days we spent in Porto, trying to resolve issues with broken motorcycles. Unfortunately, Intruder could not be repaired in the shortest time and we had to send it home by "mail". To some e... more
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