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Honda VFR400R 1995 - V4 Restoration Project "Pocket Rocket" Part 2-3
Honda VFR 400
Honda VFR 400
2w ago

Honda VFR400R 1995 - V4 Restoration Project "Pocket Rocket" Part 2-3

Cleaned and Painted

Installed the turn signal lever and light button on my control panel.

The front end had a huge amount of filler, and additionally, a piece of plexiglass was stuck inside and painted over. It was difficult to remove all that, the ends on both sides were broken, so I had to improvise.

Bought a windshield from Aliexpress.

Decided to overhaul the fork, encountered a problem: the bolts securing the inner tube were seized. They have internal hex heads, which were stripped, so I had to drill them out.

Replaced the seals and dust covers, the old ones were rotten.

Refurbished the brake discs.



One mount on the spider bracket was broken, so I machined two bushings, welded them, and painted them.

Worked on the calipers, the pistons were completely seized, not even a 6-atmosphere compressor could push them out. I barely managed to extract them. Conclusion: the pistons and dust seals need replacing, as they were heavily corroded over time. I need to find replacements, they have a diameter of 25.4mm, might need to find suitable ones, but I don’t know yet.

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