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2005 Vyrus 50 C32T minimoto

  • Apr 10 16:02 PM GTM
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Vyrus motorcycles are rare, exclusive and pricey. They offer at least visual satisfaction for anyone interested in non-standard technical solutions.The company usually produces custom-made motorcycles, powered by big Ducati V-Twins, but Vyrus also made a 50 cc minimoto.


Vyrus 50 C32T is a little-known vehicle, but this is a real project, not some kind of fake.

Vyrus reportedly originally designed the 50 C32T for the Italian minimoto championship.The 50 in the name refers to the capacity, ‘C3’ means ‘cc’ and ‘2T’ denotes that it’s a two stroke. The 50 C32T features a hub-center-steered design and makes only 13hp.

In 2005 the company released eight units of the 50 C32T.