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Indian Scout Bobber drag bike

  • May 22 15:30 PM GTM
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Thousands of fans and motorcyclists are gathering on Monza for “The Reunion”, dedicated to custom motorcycle culture. The first round of the Sultans of Sprint sprint race series is also scheduled here with a lot of new race bikes, breaking cover.


Here is “Appaloosa” – a 2018-model Indian Scout Bobber, reworked by Brice Hennebert, at Workhorse Speedshop in Belgium.The bike was commissioned by Indian’s European office to compete in the ‘Factory’ class at SoS.The class is for four-strokes only,but there’s no limit on engine capacity - provided your power-to-weight ratio doesn’t exceed 0.65 hp/kg.With a 30 hp nitrous boost the peak power reaches 130 hp, while the bike saves a 42 kg of weight. It wasn’t easy, for sure. It took 700 hours of hard work to create this monstrous sprinter.


Just the aluminum bodywork alone took Brice seven weeks to shape. The design is inspired by 1920s trains, 1940s Formula One cars and the legendary F-86 Sabre fighter jet.And the tail section is a nod to 80s GP two-strokes.

Titanic work has been done, almost every component is custom-made. However, Brice says that he missed at least a thousand little details…


  • new subframe
  • new foot pegs
  • the original tank (in fact, it’s a cover - a 2.5-liter tank is installed underneath, no longer required)
  • adjustable Öhlins suspension
  • Beringer 4D Aerotec braking system
  • Beringer handlebar controls
  • clip-ons
  • an & AutoTechtacho
  • a racing ECU and Power Commander
  • a Nitrous Oxide injection system
  • a full Akrapovič exhaust system
  • chain transmission (instead of a belt)
  • Vibrant Performance cooling system