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Honda Grom sidecar “Project Angel” by Industrial Moto
Honda Grom sidecar “Project Angel” by Industrial Moto
28 Jun Custom

The Honda Grom combinations with sidecars are always impressive. The photo below shows a brilliant work of the Industrial Moto team. The project was implemented as a gift to a disabled kid. Tyler Haynesfrom Industrial Moto is a world-famous customizer, but he has his own story about sidecars.


In April, another similar project, made by Industrial Moto, GUS (Grom Utility Sidecar), was released. Custom bike turned out really cool, and also Tyler prepared a smart kit for only $1600 – not bad for a kit with an adjustable suspension.

“After GUS was released, a motovlogger called iamsouless contacted me,” Tyler says. “His real name is Chris, and he rides a Grom. He wanted to know if we could build a sidecar for his little brother Nick, who has Angelman Syndrome, so Nick could experience the joy of riding.”

Angelman Syndrome is a nervous system disorder that affects physical and mental development.Chris takes care of Nick full time. So Tyler decided to build this custom Gromand offered to take no money for his work.

Chris’s followers started a campaign and fast got the necessary sum to pay off the build cost, including buying components and delivery.







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